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Sandra Pond Fish Stocking

Fishing is a pastime that is enjoyable for people of a wide range of ages and physical abilities, it is one of the few pleasures that one can have as a 3 year old with their father and as a 93 years old with their great granddaughter.

Westboro is blessed with a vibrant environment for fishing - with many ponds and streams to fish from - and a climate that allows sitting on the shore on a hot August day - or gathering with friends around a tilt in the dead of winter.

WASA is proud to support fishing in Westboro through our administration of the Westboro Fish Stocking Fund. Originally performed by the town government, fish stocking became a victim of budget cuts in the early 2000's. In response, WASA set up the infrastructure to receive funds and makes them available for stocking trout in the Sandra Pond Reservoir. This fund has been active for several years and results in the stocking of several hundred trout each year.

The fund is supported by many organizations and people in Westboro and donations are always gladly accepted. Please send donations to:

Westboro Fish Stocking Fund


PO Box 165

Westboro MA, 01581

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